Reminder: Christmas social

As I mentioned on Friday, the Libertarian Home Christmas Social is trespassing into the traditional Rose and Crown first Thursday regular evening slot this week on Dec 6th.

There is no room booked, but I expect the bar to be quieter than usual (or rather about as busy as usual, once we’ve filled it up!). The event is free, although the beer isn’t. Speech is free, with no particular agenda and no podium either.

I would, however, like to get people’s views as to why Starbucks have gone largely undefended and whether there is really no appetite to take on UK Uncut at some level. That’s my agenda, but the point of having a social is that you should feel free to grind whatever axe you please and in the company, for once, of people likely to be both interested and supportive. Doesn’t that make a change?

It officially starts at 7, but the pub is open all day. Regulars who work nearby often do turn up earlier.


  1. I’ll be there. Working in Town in the daytime so may well arrive a little early.

    IMHO engaging directly with people like UK Uncut would be a waste of our time simply because they’re the people least likely to be sympathetic to our views. As I said over on FB I got into a huge argument with some supporters last year and found them to be completely unable to listen to reasoned debate without resorting to petty name-calling.

    I’ve grown weary of lefty-baiting over the years, finding it far more useful to talk to hard working, similar-minded people who aren’t familiar with libertarianism but who are, from their actions, clearly sympathetic to our goals, and only need an introduction to the principles and practice to become more interested and actively involved.

    TL;DR – we’re never going to talk anyone over from UK Uncut onto our side but there are plenty of ordinary civilians sitting on the fence we could spend our energies bringing round to the cause. Picketing UK Uncut events is probably not the most productive way we could bring the undecided general population around.

    See you thurs for more debate!



      1. hehe… I’m totally up for getting more involved – we just need to run a cost benefit analysis – what’s the lowest cost and easiest thing we could do to convince people who are “undiscovered” libertarians to realise their true nature and jump on the bandwagon?

        Anyway, chat over a beer 😀


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