#OllyGate fails the Nigel Farage Test

Dear Nigel,

It is well known that you have two tests for a person’s quality…

1. Would I employ them?

2. Would I have a drink with them?

You use it quite effectively to berate and point out how useless, out of touch and incompetent our political class are. So it saddens me that I have to inform you that there is someone, or possibly a group of people, within UKIP who fail these tests.

And I think you know why I’m telling you this. But just to be clear it is to do with the sacking of Olly Neville as YI Chairman.

You see some idiot or ‘coalition’ of idiots at UKIP have taken a complete non issue, AKA Olly’s opinion on gay marriage, wrapped it in c4 and detonated it in the middle of a public space.

Because if we’re being honest outside of UKIP and its congregation of interested followers no-one would have given a damn or even known what Olly’s opinion on the subject was. It certainly wasn’t an election winning issue.

But now Olly’s opinion has been plastered all across the internet, and press, and made UKIP look even more like the curmudgeon, bigoted, little Englanders that many believe they are. And this is a shame because I know how hard you, Olly, Harry Aldridge, Alexandra Swann and many others have worked to try and dispel this idea.

So Nigel, and I know this will be hard, you need to impose your rules on the UKIP hierarchy. Because it’s quite clear someone has dropped the ball and it’s currently rolling around your feet. And while I accept you do have a bad back after that incident with the plane you need to pick that ball back up, find the responsible person or persons, read them the riot act and sack them. As they are clearly not worth employing nor having a drink with. In fact describing them as “politically inept” would be a little too fair.

Anyway, you know what you need to do, so I will leave this issue in your capable hands. And for my part next time I see Olly I will buy him a pint, because he certainly deserves one.

Your Faithful Admirer,



  1. Well then Christina he is a fool, Nigel has shot himself in the foot with the very crowd who support him most — libertarians.

    Despite my hatred for the EU I’m going to struggle to vote for UKIP now, even in the Euros.



  2. Farage calculates, probably accurately, that he can gain more votes from the Tories by being anti gay marriage and pro banning burkas than he can by courting the libertarian youth vote. Why is anyone surprised that a politician seeking power acts in an opportunistic rather than a principled way? Have your political lives taught you nothing?



  3. Possibly James. I’m of the view that what has happened here is someone who has had it in for Olly has twisted a few arms and it’s gone catastrophically wrong. I can’t see any logical reason why the balancing act between hang ’em and flog ’em and Libertarian had to end. As you say most of the Libertarian wing were in the YI and youth was never going to be UKIP’s core vote. However it may have been their future. I think it is a serious blunder and will cost them down the line.



    1. I agree Rob. I reckon a control freak panic took hold of the leadership, and they decided they needed to hammer down any nails that were sticking out, and it won’t play out will for them. There’s no reason why libertarians and conservatives can’t get along, but it requires conservatives to give up on their authoritarian tendencies, which would be possible if only they could grasp the difference between disapproving and prohibiting.



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