The Mark Stone detention and little laws

Detained by Chinese police on live TV for mentioning the Tiananmen Square massacre.

What I found most interesting is when they stopped him from his “media work” (really a live broadcast) because of some obscure rule about needing permission to film in the park. I’m sure such rules exist here already, for example, there are certainly rules about filming on the tube, and in (safe European) Barcelona about taking photos on their metro. It reminds me of a certain Dr Ferris [1:07] a fictional character that tried to obtain power by siding the aristocracy. An aristocracy that set up an impossible web of laws to render everyone criminals.

I do hope Mr Stone makes it out alive, he did rather well during the rioting in Battersea’s Clapham Junction, confronting two young female rioters outside the Wimpy on Lavender Hill. In both scenarios the threat to his life was not immediately obvious, but very real. Mr Stone is either slightly reckless and unthinking, or has balls of steel.

UPDATE: they let him go.

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  1. The People’s Republic of China is a tyranny.

    The people who are making money there now should remember that.

    Many times in Chinese history there have been large scale private business activity – often greater than anywhere else in the world.

    And it always ends the same way – the policy of the state changes (normally SUDDENLY) and the great enterprises and money get taken by the state.

    Marxism adds another level to this.

    “But they are not Marxist anymore”.

    They do not PRACTICE Marxism any more – they still uphold Mao (the largest scale mass murderer in history) as a great hero. His face (the face of Mao) is on all that lovely money they give people.

    Let us say that the German government upheld Adolf Hitler as a hero – and officially supported his ideology.

    Would it be a good reply to say…..

    “They are not killing Jews at the moment – and there is lots of money to be made in Germany”

    A regime that upholds a great evil doer as a hero (and Mao was one of the worse – see “Mao: The Untold Story”) is not a country where one should store things of value.

    And whilst in China one should always pay attention……

    In order to LEAVE at the first sign that the wind is changing.



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