Press Regulation: another nail in liberty’s coffin

Whatever face-saving spin Cameron wishes to put on the new press regulation body, it is a day of shame for this once proudly free country. As with the secret trials legislation this government is working on, we can see the continuity of agenda between the coalition and the New Labour sans culottes who roamed over our constitution and traditionally-guarded liberties for 13 years, violating and mutilating at will. Unsurprisingly we see the leadership of all three main parties in agreement. Indeed, should we even consider them separate parties any more? There’s probably more diversity in the jostling factions of the Chinese Communist Party than the cardboard cut-outs of Lib-Lab-Con.

Once this new regulatory body is in place, how long will it be before it starts expanding? Newspapers aren’t what they once were. The internet has taken away their primacy in many areas of information dissemination. The argument for the body to extend its tentacles into other areas will be wholly rational, once the initial premise is established, and it will be empowered in this by the theoretical independence from the politicians it will enjoy, although staffed and well-stocked no doubt from the same inbred establishment pool. In the ever-churning mill of internet liberty and licence, it will not be hard to find a particularly nasty cause célèbre to hold up as proof positive of the need for our new regulating masters to take a hand.



  1. Well done for summoning the will to write what feel. A truly discouraging time, and Cyprus isn’t helping.

    The worst part is that they are disabled from making arguments against the measures because they lack the intellectual tools to fight.



  2. It really is a foot in the door moment. I’m not entirely sure what the exact effect of this law will be. But we can be quite sure it is the first step in a quite ominous direction.



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