Court of Protection under review

It seems Justice Secretary Chris Grayling is a reader of Libertarian Home, as, following my earlier post attacking the secret, Star Chamber Court of Protection, he has ordered a review. Or perhaps it is the somewhat more prominent Daily Mail which has forced his hand.

Certainly the Daily Mail is to be commended for taking aim at the Court of Protection, following up its story of a woman, Wanda Maddocks, who was secretly jailed for trying to take care of her father, with further disgraceful revelations of how the Court plunders the assets of its innocent victims, who, due to the secrecy in which the Court swathes its action, have little choice but to suffer such tyrannical misery in silence.

Grayling’s action is welcome, but let us hope that it does not rest there. A review is not enough, and it is a shame that Grayling has only acted in response to current press attention. The Court must be either abolished or dragged into the light. This is obvious to anyone with a fleeting acquaintance with the principles of justice.



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