1. What is the point of writing a satire of the left – when they do such a good job of self paraody.

    But the demented “intellectual ” activities in Venezuela are also present much closer to home. We can all think of statist violations of economic law in Britain – but I am thinking of the (even more crazy) situation in France, and the sort of out of touch with reality (and with right reason) thinkiing that underpins it.

    For example, I just watched a bit of a “discussion” on French English language news – “unemployment is high, so we must have more of a Social Dimension” – the truth (that the “social dimention” is the CAUSE of the high unemployment) does not enter the minds of the French intellectuals (all Guardian types).

    And this “social dimension” must be at an “E.U. level” – so no country can escape the economic collapse that the “social dimention” must bring.



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