Rothschild’s Gitana VX

The name Rothschild is associated with some scary conspiracy theories, but this is, quite simply, rather a forbidding boat.

Gitana XV

I have no time for conspiracy theories, but wanted to observe that a white on black family crest is perhaps not the best thing to go with as the livery for your multimillion dollar yacht, if your name is Rothschild. The spikes and 6′ wide eyes do not help matters.

The vessel placed 4th in both its classes in the Fastnet race today, and rests now in Plymouth Harbour. The picture above was taken in the Solent on Sunday.

One Comment

  1. I like the last of the Rothschilds _- or the last Rothschild to be a major figure in British banking (he has been dead for some time now). He used to have his own private steam railway on his estate in Hampshire – a bit like Lord….. in the children’s programme “Trumpton” or was it “Chigley” or “Camberwell Green” (misremembered) – these children’s programmes from my youth (yes you youngsters – even I was young once, I used to go picking blackberries with Gladstone) all blur together in my senile brain.



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