“The Witch” is dead

This appeared by the train tracks on the Royal Marine Commando building in Bermondsey shortly after Thatcher’s death.


It’s an indication of much seating there is on London commuter trains that it took this long to photograph this graffiti. Trains may have improved under privatisation but there are plenty problems still. Each of those problems is good reasons to assume Thatcher messed up and are a problem for her legacy.

I do have a lot more respect for Thatcher after her death than before. The debate about her legacy really showed up what she did for personal autonomy and economic dynamism. Her Big Bang in the City, that let the Americans and the Essex Barrow Boys into the Financial markets, is something that could be usefully replicated.


  1. It should always be pointed out (whatever the context) that the railways are not under private ownership – Network Rail is 100% under government control. “Privatisation” is, in reality, companies paying the GOVERNMENT, to run trains they lease, on GOVERNMENT railways.



  2. By the way – the “Big Bang” was a government take over of the City. There was no law preventing the setting up a rival stock exchange (and there had been rival stock exchanges) or trading “off exchange”. The City was a series of private companies (such as the London Stock Market – which had been a company since 1801) and private clubs. This was replaced by (over time) thousands upon thousands of pages of GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS.

    Norman T. described (at a dinner in which I was present) this government take over of the City of London (the destruction of the traditional privately owned enterprises and associations with their own rules) as “the worst mistake we ever made”. And there is nothing remotely “upper class” about Norman T. (or me).



    1. Sometimes I think you, Paul, should do more than write comments. I formed my opinion on the basis of Martin Durkins documentary, and I had thought that to be at least accurate. Here you are putting it right. My invitation to give a talk remains open.

      By the way, I would still apply the same basic idea of breaking open an elite to the welfare system.



      1. I used to do a lot more than write comments, but I have not improved with age (people who think they have improved are normally kidding themselves – to age is to decay).

        I would be happy to give a talk.

        Say (for example) of the influence of Prussia-Germany on statism.

        When would you like me to give the talk?


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