Conservative libertarian group seeks volunteers

Again, not everyone’s cup of tea maybe but a good source of experience for people wanting a serious political career of a broadly libertarian kind.

Conservatives for Liberty is an independent think tank and campaign group aimed at promoting libertarian, socially liberal and free market ideas amongst Conservatives in the UK. We believe capitalism, individualism, low taxation and minimal state interference are conducive to the greatest freedom, happiness and prosperity of mankind and seek to promote these values through the Conservative party, media and wider public.

We are looking to recruit further researchers to increase the size of our policy unit.

On account of minimum wage legislation the role offers zero pay, but is officially very flexible.


One Comment

  1. I wonder how they define “socially liberal”? Most people would assume that this means, for example, being in favour of the “anti discrimination” regulations (which destroy freedom of association and freedom of speech) of the “Equality Industry” – but they may have a different definition.



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