Amazing quote from @y_alibhai

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a senior journalist for the Independent and Evening Standard, saying what she thinks about Nigel Farage to an obviously sympathetic (to Nigel) journalist in a formal filmed interview:


“what has to happen between now and the elections that are coming up is that the media has to be kind of controlled in terms of how often Farage gets to rule the airwaves”

Nigel Farage, Who are you?

To me, that sounds an awful lot like an establishment censorsing the upstart. How can she be so open about an obviously authoritarian view? How can she not feel ashamed of herself for holding this view in her position as a journalist?

Update: video evidence:


    1. I’m in no doubt about her honesty. None at all. Her support of Leveson makes it quite clear that she wants a supervised guided media whose freedom of speech is qualified and subordinate to an elite, membership of which she seems to aspire to.

      My point is that this is a disgusting and evil viewpoint which is jarringly opposed to her own interests, those of her profession and the requirements of a free, safe and prosperous nation. As such, she is unsuited to her office and should be ashamed.



  1. Surely we are in no doubt who controls the media?Whilst not in a totally say statist way in Russia it is more subtle and perhaps more effective.
    Remember how the BBC stepped out of line re the Iraq war – a journalist was sacked and an enquiry found BBC guilty and the Government blissfully innocent and the MI5 officer who “misled” the Blair government promoted!
    Think how the riots in Sweden last year were not reported in the media as to not disturb the propaganda stance that the Nordic countries have such great social integration for immigrants.
    Think of all the Government advertising revenues you are putting at risk?
    To get ahead and be ‘in the know’ you have to buy into this status quo just as Mss Brown has confirmed.



    1. Yes Richard – Mrs Brown is a shameless liar, as well as supporter of tyranny, “She writes for the Independent” yes indeed Mrs Brown does, as do many other supporters of tyranny, It is almost as if this newspaper is owned by an “ex” officer of the KGB…..



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