Thursday: Is Inequality Fair?

Of course it is. But do you kow why? Thoroughly? Does the suggestion that your taxed, regulated and barely-above-average position in life is somehow unfair on other people make your blood boil? Is your desire to improve your lot unfair too? Can you defend this in terms of some technical economic theory, or do you understand the deep ethical roots of this emotion? Which is the better argument when debating your peers?

yaron-brookThese are the kind of question you can hope to get answered at an event this Thursday at the museum home known as Dr Johnson’s House, a venue in the City of London, where Yaron Brook – principal spokeperson for the Ayn Rand Institute will tackle the topic “Is Inequality Fair?”.

This event has been organised by the London Ayn Rand meetup in the form of Teresa Bianchi and Libertarian Home regular Priya Dutta. I do feel a sense of pride that the Libertarian Home meetup helped Teresa, Priya and Yaron get together and get this organised (credit is also due to Liberty League).

Objectivism has a lot to offer libertarians, so please do clear your diary and RSVP; the ARI doesn’t send nearly enough people over to London so it’s great that Yaron is stopping by again. The event starts from 1830 on this Thursday, May 15 at Dr Johnson’s House, 17 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE.


  1. As is the case with so many things, it depends on what we mean by “inequality” and “fair.”

    There’s nothing “fair” or “unfair” about differences in ability, or in outcomes based on that ability.

    There IS something “unfair” about using aggression (including but not limited to state power) to “rig the game” in favor of this or that group.

    My own philosophical background is in Objectivism, and I agree that there’s a lot to learn there. But probably not from Brook, who seems to have taken Leonard Peikoff’s pratfall comedy cartoon version to entirely new levels of irrational second-hander hilarity.



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