Blogging may be light

James Gibbs

My son James Jai Gibbs was born 24th June at 1708 weighing 3.69kg. Devika was amazing thoughout.

I am sure you’ll all want to say hello to James and congratulations etc but since this a political blog let’s do something on a bigger scale. I have already heard of an acquaintance having her child on the same day. I wonder did anything else interesting happen since Devika went into labour on Monday and this announcement today?

I haven’t seen any news at all. Has the world changed? What new fights will James have on his hands?


  1. Congratulations to you all! What a beautiful child!

    Newborns are just amazing, and it gets better and better.



  2. Congratulations indeed!.

    I hope mother and baby are doing well.

    As for James – he will have a wonderful life.

    He will be too young to remember the hard times that are coming (and you will shield him from them).

    James will get to see the world after the end of the Welfare States and the credit bubble financial systems.

    He will get to the world of nuclear fusion (and anti matter? although even solar power as real potential – with rather different solar cells), of nano technology, and space travel.

    Real space travel – not sitting on top of big fireworks. Proper engines – on space ships built in space (reached by transports going up to proper space stations).



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