Libertarian World Computer Simulation

I just took a “Libertarian Purity Test” that asked me a long list of yes or no questions, many of which I wanted to say “neither” or “it depends”.

Some simple questions were:
“Should the Fed be abolished and replaced with free banking and privately-issued money?” (Yes of course)
“Should all drugs be legalized for adults?” (Yes!)
“Are you against the draft? ” (YES!)

Then, other questions that depended on things like timing :
“Should all of the public lands be privatized? ”
(Eventually, yes, but if this were to happen before anything else, then we’d risk Monsanto buying up Yosemite with its holdings of inflated fiat money and create a GMO zombie zone)

“Should we abolish welfare?”
(Eventually, yes, but this should be done lastly, after a Libertarian society is well in place to be able to take on such people who otherwise would die on the streets.)

We see a diagram of a national budget, and think of ways to cut it, and think what would happen if we cut a little here, a little there, in which order we would do it, what the consequences might be; crash of the market? Jump in homelessness? Social uprising? Rise in entrepreneurship? More money flowing to R&D? Better schools? A rise in morale, especially of the young?

I’m not a techie, not much of a numbers person, but I remember playing a game called Civilisation, and I remember enjoying it. You had to build a civilisation from scratch, and the game incorporated different forms of government you could choose from, and the people of your land reacted differently to it. A different game my brother played was more detailed. In it, you owned an amusement park, and if you increased the amount of salt in the chips at the stall, (and if you put a drinks stall close to it), the sale of drinks went up. Brilliant game.

So, why not a Libertarian Civilisation simulation game? Input the national budget, the population on welfare, on housing, in prison, input all the various social movements, etc? Goal of the game – UK, or US, whatever version, to cut the gov. budget by 100% without letting die or upsetting the population? Happiness rate of 70%, say?
Let’s have the architects of the game be an Austrian economist, a Libertarian think tank, include unbiased historians, scholars of current social / political movements, etc. We need to configure where currently the power lies? (May be easier to track where the money is). How do we shift power? (How will money move, as we cut the budget?)

And on and on. Might be a fun project. What do you think?


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