Dear Scotland, 4 Reasons to Vote Yes for Independence #IndyRef #VoteYes

Dear Scotland,

Today you have the opportunity to change History — I hope you do and I hope you Vote Yes.

Despite what the establishment politicians and celebrities say many of us south of the border wish to see this Union end. This is not for negative reasons — quite the oposite. I would like to see power decentralised; A shake up of the establishment; And a reinvogoration of English democracy and freedom.

So genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best with your great endeavour. To borrow a phrase from Mr Salmond, I hope you take this “once in a lifetime opportunity”…

But for those of you who are waivering on how to vote I have 4 reasons to Vote Yes…

1. The Union as we know it is dead. The establishment won’t admit it until the evacuation helicopters are on the roof, but the game is up. Devo Max is not a viable alternative to the status quo nor independence. While it might work for Scotland it cannot possibly work for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will just prolong the death throws of the Union and lead to greater animosity between our nations. So please Vote Yes and we can all make a clean start.

2. Your economy won’t die. Alex Salmond’s views on the economy are most likely wrong, but so are the views of the naysayers. Your economy won’t fall off a cliff because you choose independence. Yes there will be some hurdles to overcome, but businesses won’t flee immediately and jobs won’t dry up. Remember despite the financial crisis Iceland is still with us, it didn’t disappear into the sea. The opportunity to run your own economy is significant. You could for example scrap Corporation Tax or cut it significantly without damaging public spending — it raises less less than 10% of revenues and just think what those ‘negative’ businesses would say. Vote Yes, take control of your future and build the economy you want.

3. We can still live in peace and prosperity together. Any politician who tells you we won’t be able to enjoy many of the same benefits we do today is a fool and a liar. There is no reason we can’t have free trade and open borders — no reason at all. I still want my Scotch and I’m sure you still want to do business in London. It really is as simple as not posting any guards at the border. Just as the French do with the Swiss… Vote Yes and we can live in peace and prosperity together.

4. Let’s give the establishment a kicking. We as a people may never get another opportunity like this. All the politicians campaigning for a no vote are simply doing so to maintain the status quo and their position of privileged. Hasten Cameron’s embarrassing crocodile tears. He knows he is a dead man walking, and so does Miliband, Darling and the rest. A break in the union will benefit us all. It will free us from the mediocre political yoke that has diminished us. And I truly believe it will reinvigorate politics in each of our fine nations. So please Vote Yes today — for freedom and an end to our rotten political elite.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Duncan Waller


  1. Nice one.
    I’d add:
    European Union of Socialist States and Republics as certain future no matter the vote.
    Bruxelles does most of our legislation no matter the configuration.
    All Nato members must contribute to North American warmongering.



  2. UKIP missed a trick.

    They should have pushed for a Yes vote, with the pledge to welcome Scotland into a UK free trade agreement if they chose Yes and so desired it.

    Do unto others.



  3. You should be under no illusions about the totalitarian instincts of the SNP in terms of forced redistribution of wealth and social policy prohibitions.

    They make Cameron seem like Bakunin.



    1. Who knows, they might ditch Salmond as the UK ditched Churchill.

      Anyhow, better to accelerate instead of the slow Fabian frog-boiling: easier to lance the boil, faster to heal if the pus is brought to the surface.



    2. I don’t doubt Scotland’s left wing tendencies, they have a significant impact on England. I would like to see what England could become if run purely by the English. Which is another reason I’m all for independence.



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