Liberty League tie ins

Regular readers will of course be familiar with the annual Liberty League Freedom Forum. This year Libertarian Home will have a presence as part of the official “fringe” series of events, literally alongside such esteemed organisations as The Ayn Rand Institute and the Tax Payers Alliance.

This goes to show that if you turn up, take an interest and show yourself willing to muck in, then you can get a long way. That will be a theme at the fringe event “Making Change Within Your Lifetime“. Part strategy brainstorming and part career advice chit-chat, successful libertarians Guy Herbert, Brian Micklethwait and Charlotte Bowyer will explain what they have managed to achieve within their lives, and exchange notes of interest to anyone picking their path through life now.

This event takes place after the TPA rally and just before dinner at Liberty League on March 28th.

The agenda for the next event is up to you. At conferences people make contacts and come up with big ideas. Enthusiasm abounds, schemes are invented and insights acquired, but sometimes it doesn’t translate to action or spread very far.

The Open Mic Night / Show and Tell is your opportunity to do two things:

  • reconnect with each other over beer, without commitment, to reappraise the schemes and insights that seemed worthwhile. Maybe some will still seem worthwhile!
  • allow you to share whatever intellectual bombs have gone off during the conference with your colleagues.

This event is not going to be taped, so those doing the sharing can do so under a little less pressure. Turn up early and ask nicely and you will get one of three a 10 minute slots and a brief Q&A.

It will take place at the Westminster branch of the Two Chairmen on the following Thursday (2nd April).

I hope you all have your Liberty League tickets and I look forward to seeing you all there.


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