My Liberty League Picks

So I am sat in the foyer with a fellow Objectivist looking through the Liberty League schedule. Here are my picks:

The Magna Carta keynote: you can’t avoid the keynote, there is nothing else on. I do wonder what this is doing here though apart from ticking a “its an anniversary box”. A constitutional reboot says the program. Oh OK. Maybe.

Introduction to Left Libertarianism: I expect to disagree with everything said in this session, but cannot say so for sure because I don;t really know anything of this branch of the philosophy. Time to give it a hearing proper hearing.

I will add that if you are a signed up Anarchist or Classical Liberal then don’t go to your “own” session go to hear what your fellow libertarians are about. Take the opportunity to learn the details of the things you think you disagree with or seek out potentially better ideas to consider. In that vein, I think libertarians will get a lot out of studying Objectivism without necessarily adopting it wholesale. So if you are in a cooperative mood go and see Onkar Ghate.

How to Deliver a Winning Campaign: something I want to achieve, so best to learn how.

Generation Screwed Rally – very briefly since I need to dash off, but this rally looks like something not to be missed.

Making change within your lifetime – well I was tempted by the Q&A with Onkar Ghate but since I am running this one I should better go!.


One Comment

  1. Twisted “reasoning” is one thing, people are entitled to their opinions (no matter how messed up they are), but they are not entitled to their own “facts”. At least they are not entitled to be listened to for hour an hour (or whatever it is).

    A lot of what are presented as facts (as factual information) on the left (including the “libertarian” left) is simply not true. I have learnt, over decades, that the things they say can not be trusted.

    As for Magna Carta – Geoffrey Hindley’s book (Robinson’s 2008) is rather good.



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