Robert Downey Junior in “not a liberal” shocker

What is it that Krishnan Guru-Murthy really wants to talk about? More importantly, why?

Is it really so odd to him that someone successful and popular might be a “not liberal” i.e. not a subscriber to the Guardian/BBC/Channel 4/FT community’s shared ideology? For the record, I would only admire RDJ all the more if he happened to share my politics, but I don’t feel the need to screen his views before enjoying Iron Man or, indeed, Age of Ultron.


  1. The character “Tony Stark” would have had some fun with the interviewer – pointing out that once (in the time of Gladstone and Grover Cleveland) the world “liberal” meant someone like him. For example Sir William Armstrong (Baron of Armstrong of Cragside) – inventor, great businessman, philanthropist, and (YES) arms dealer, like the fictional “Tony Stark” or “Bruce Wayne” (“Batman”). A nation that is ashamed, rather than proud, of someone like Sir William Armstrong is a dying nation.

    And the real life person – John Stark (“Live Free or Die” New Hampshire John Stark) would have pointed out that a person who really believes in freedom (which the media say they believe in) can not, by definition, believe in all powerful government giving people everything they “need”.

    It is also interesting that the little house John Stark was born in has been preserved – but not the big house he died in (the house he had built – the house he actually wanted to be associated with).

    Almost as if success was something to be ashamed of – at least in our new “liberal” age.

    Well leave out the words “almost as if”.



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