Thursday Speaker: Dominic Frisby

This Thursday we are joined at Libertarian Home by the multi-talented Dominic Frisby. An actor, a writer, a comedian, a financial commentator and investor. It’s quite possible that Dominic is the most talented speaker we’ve ever had at Libertarian Home…

In fact he’s so talented someone at the BBC, it doesn’t matter who, described his first book as, “Extraordinary”. Any free thinker who can achieve that must be doing something right…

Dominic has written two books, Life After the State, and Bitcoin — The Future of Money.

Life After the State describes Dominic’s disenchantment with traditional financial thought, his successful investment in Gold prior to the financial crash and his thoughts on the forthcoming economic catastrophe.

Dominic’s second book, describes the rise of Bitcoin — how it started, how it works and how it has developed. He interviews some of the major players involved in this new technology and discusses its potential impact on the world.

Both books were very well received. Even pub landlord, and known Farage basher, Al Murray read the first and described it as, “Incredibly readable and incredibly thought-provoking”.

Our speaker also writes regularly for Money Week on the topics of Finance, Investment and Politics. To provide you an insight into Dominic’s thoughts on economics in his recent article on potential market bubbles he said the following on bonds and money…

That bonds are a bubble, of that there is no doubt. Yes, consumer price index (CPI) inflation is around zero. But you can pick lots of holes in CPI. It does not incorporate asset prices. And consumer goods are – thanks to greater productivity – inherently deflationary.

But even ignoring all that, the idea that fiat money is going to be worth more in ten or 20 years from now than it is today is delusional. The system doesn’t work like that.

If we were talking about a finite system of money such as gold or bitcoin, then, yes, I get it. But debt-based fiat money in an age of massive government overspending, unpayable debts and so many vested interests aiming to get inflation over 2%? CPI does not represent the value of money.

As is clear Dominic is a sound free thinker. I could go on to discuss his many other talents and achievements, but I’m sure you would prefer to find out more from the man himself on Thursday.

The final thing I’ll say is Dominic is a very well regarded Comic, so much so that the Guardian described him as, “Viciously funny” and “inventive”. Hopefully then he should be worth a laugh or two, then again as the saying goes, “The Guardian. Wrong about everything, all the time”…

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

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