Sheikh Al-Nimr and his Jihad and Martyrdom for Freedom.

One of our allies has started the new year with executions. Saudi Arabia with whom we signed a secret deal with over human rights council place, has executed 47 people including Shiekh Al-Nimr whose only crime was to speak out on behalf of the Shia minority in Saudi Arabia who are constantly persecuted and oppressed by the ruling Salafi-Wahhabi regime. Although Al-Qaida terrorists are also amongst those executed, Philip Luther, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme is right when he says, “the killing of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in particular suggests they are also using the death penalty in the name of counter-terror to settle scores and crush dissidents”. According to Amnesty International, Al-Nimr was “was convicted after a political and grossly unfair trial at the Specialized Criminal Court (SCC)”.

As a libertarian, the two-faced, hypocritical character of our foreign policy comes as no surprise. Politicians are self-interested with their own goals and only purport to be our representatives. If it is to their advantage to stand in the face of oppression, they would do so but if it is against their interest they would not. That is precisely why we are allied with dictatorships and oppressors such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain and turn a blind eye to their tyranny and continue to cooperate with them.

When pressed by Jon Snow to talk about the deal with Saudi, David Cameron attempted to dodge the question before stating that Saudi provides us with information that keeps us safe. Jon Snow correctly pointed out that Saudi is actually fuelling terrorism to which David Cameron laughably replied, “Saudi Arabia itself actually has quite a good record of de-radicalising people who have become radical terrorists and jihadists”. Politics does not get better than this! Saudi Arabia’s strategy in countering terrorism reflects its PR strategy in the recent executions; they chuck in some terrorists in the mix with people they want to actually kill to acquit themselves from injustice whilst portraying themselves as those who fight terrorism. Similarly, they donate $100 million to fund counterterrorism so they and their allies such as Mr. Cameron have something to say in their defence but go on to fund terrorism all over the world. As Jon Snow correctly pointed out, any actual counterterrorism effort by Saudi Arabia is over threats of internal security. This all notwithstanding the fact that radical Islam is exclusive to Salafi-Wahhabi ideology exported by Saudi Arabia.

Shiekh Al-Nimr’s stand against the oppressive state is something all libertarians can draw inspiration from even if they don’t agree with his religious or political views. He was arrested and beaten by the Saudi police before his final arrest and was not scared of death if that was the price he had to pay for his liberty. In a lecture recorded before his final arrest he powerfully stated:

Not by violence, but by our determination, by our belief, and by our steadfastness, shall your power be defeated. We have the determination to persist your injustice, and we will never surrender. The most you can do is kill us, and we welcome martyrdom for the sake of Allah. Life does not end when a man dies. Real life begins when he dies. Either we live on this land as free men, or die and be buried in it as pious men! We have no other choice!

The jihad (struggle) of this Muslim and his martyrdom is very different to the Muslims seen on TV. This man struggled for his liberties and believed martyrdom for the sake of Allah can be sought in fighting peacefully for justice and freedom. Perhaps with the fall of the state funded salafi-wahhabi movement, we will see more Muslims like Shiekh Al-Nimr.

The state once again has shown its inferiority to civil society with the Saudi Family who have named a country after themselves, the likes of Cameron and Obama on one hand and the likes of Sheikh Al-Nimr on the other.


These events give me further conviction in my opinion on the correct libertarian foreign policy


  1. There is a very old myth in the West that the Shia (the Persian Empire and so on) hate us less that the Sunni (the Ottoman Empire and soon).

    I think the myth is based upon the fact that the Persian Empire was far away and the Sunni (both the Ottomans and the Arab pirates and raiders of North Africa) were much closer – there was little actual fighting over the centuries between the West and the Shia, because we did not really have a common border.

    However, the myth that the Shia hate us less than the Sunni is, indeed, a myth. Both sides (the Sunni and the Shia) hate the infidels – hate the Western Christians.

    “But we are not Christians, we are atheists” – then they hate you even more.

    As for the Saudis – the House of Saud has been allied with the most extreme form of Sunni (the ones that hate infidels the most) since the 1700s.

    The House of Saud came to power in Arabia in the 1930s – partly thanks to the first open socialist in the Foreign Office, Philby (the father of “Kim” Philby).

    His orders were to help PREVENT the House of Saud come to power – but he decided to help them instead.

    Basically, as far as I can tell, because he thought it would be amusing.

    Still from the point of view of infidels it matters little.

    Both the executioners and the executed would want the West wiped off the face of the Earth.

    Of the two – the Iranians are more dangerous.

    They have a much larger population than Saudi Arabia – and a better organised military force.

    And, thanks to that idiot Barack Obama, the Iranian regime is going to get nukes.

    As I write this some American forces are under siege in Afghanistan.

    I hope they survive – in the war Mr Obama said was over a year ago.

    However, Mr Obama is too obsessed with his own (unconstitutional) war against Americans at home (his illegal executive orders and so on) to pay the forces of Islam (Sunni or Shia) much attention.



  2. To people who do not know – many of the Shia in Saudi Arabia (and Iraq and Syria and Lebanon, and Yemen) take their orders from the “Hastener” regime in Iran.

    And if anyone thinks that the regime “just” wants to exterminate the Jews – you are mistaken.

    All Jews could drop dead tomorrow – and the Iranian regime (and those who serve them) would not be satisfied.

    For the “Hidden One” to return on his white horse, the world must be covered with fire and death.

    Just for those of you who do not already know this.



  3. Thank you Mohsan for bringing out the elephant in the room. It’s appalling how the US and UK suck up to the Saudi regime. If Trump gets elected, I think this may change.



  4. Do most people get a murky, daunting feeling on the topic of Islam and terrorism? There are so many aspects to it. There’s oil, political corruption and conspiracies, different factions to Islam, different interpretations to the Koran, mass migration, history, wars and jihads, the individual experience, the family’s experience, group psychology, individual psychology, lies, pride, fear and all that comes with being human. It’s easy to feel powerless and angry about it, like you’ve been wronged somehow, yet not know by whom or how. When you start pointing fingers trying to find the cause, it looks like a house of mirrors.

    I was arbitrating between a couple with a long history. I told them;
    if you want to free yourself, you must forgive. Forgiveness is coming to a new relationship with time. He is never going to fully understand her, and she is never going to fully understand him, because you are separate people. Only you can understand yourself. It’s not about him and her, or who did what.There will always be trouble. But it’s always about the individual and God. In a way, nothing else matters.



  5. The death penalty is murder in cold blood, whether performed by Saudi Arabia, China or The USA.

    Totalitarianism is the true enemy of the individual, even if it has decided to engage in a convenient truce for now.



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