Campaign group fails to capture priority of sovereignty issue

Successful campaigning website “38 Degrees” is a group with a track record of leading emotive online petitions which fail to consider the problem of individual rights. It has surveyed it’s members on their priorities in the Brexit debate.

True to form, their survey fails even to measure the fundamental issue in the debate which anyone with a concern for individual sovereignty has about the EU – how does the institution protect the sovereignty of the people within smaller, national, aggregates? Their survey simply does not include a tick box that measures any aspect of that question.

Garbage in, garbage out: expect 38 degrees to come out against Brexit in the near future.




  1. “The impact that staying or leaving will have on our public services”.

    Classic Rousseau “speak” – assuming the state is “us” (that government departments are “our public services”). And the tacit assumption is that the bigger the state is – the better it is.

    “38 Degrees” is clearly a pro collectivist organisation – and, yes I agree with you, they are likely to come out in favour the European Union.

    Which is yet another reason to be against the European Union.



  2. Sovereignty is the only issue that matters.

    Do you wish to retain the democratic right to throw out those who frame our laws, or are you happy to have that right subsumed with the opinions of hundreds of millions of others, whose priorities often (and quite naturally) clash with those of the UK? And are you happy for these aggregate wishes to be filtered through a legislative bureaucracy that has no direct electoral accountability whatsoever?

    This question is paramount, and assumes no further union of the UK into an EU superstate ā€“ as the current structure of the EU stands, its democratic legitimacy is wholly inadequate.

    Those who warn about the dangers and difficulties of the UK withdrawing from the EU miss the point ā€“ defending the democratic sovereignty of the people has never been easy or safe.

    Those who attempt to weigh the economic advantages of retaining EU membership seem to be involved in a bizarre discussion where the sale of their own liberty is already a given, and it is only the price that interests them.



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