Media letting down the Private Sector

It’s been less than 24 hours since the death of MP Jo Cox. I didn’t know her at all, but I am very saddened by her death. As a mother, my heart aches for her children. The image of her telling a story about a banana to her children as she tied their shoe laces is still in my mind. This morning I woke up thinking, gosh, how would her little kids be feeling not having seen their mum… it’s sad and I’m still in shock.

But the media has really let me down. For me, they appear to show immense disrespect to the MP. Trying to catch the public’s attention by linking her death and the suspect’s motive to the referendum, a topic that has been very popular in the last few days.

No wonder the private sector is looked down upon by lots of people as they associate it with making money at any cost, and unfortunately the media is proving this right. And for what, a few more page views on their websites, a few more newspaper sales, appearing higher on google search results. That’s how it appears to me and that’s sad. The alterbaive possibility – that they may be trying to change referendum outcome – is barely more dignified.

The FT, the Telegraph, the Guardian are just few of the big names that have really let me down. The facts are still being investigated but their speculation began before the MP had had the time to die, and, all in the name of profit. Earlier in my life I wanted to work for the media as it had a true voice, but this incident has really disappointed me. And unfortunately it’s not the first time the media has acted irresponsibly and insensitively to gain popularity. It’s still hard to forget the awful phone hacking scandals.

The only major fact of this incident so far is that the accused was mentally ill, he spoke openly about that to newspapers in the past, and that is one the fact that has been least talked about. Whatever his motive, the point that he had been mentally ill is probably key to understanding what he did.
But what do the media focus on. The Referendum. And they do it sneakily, pointing out thar Jo Cox was a remain campaigner, drawing the reader into that analysis without even having the guts to say so.

I think, at this point, I have much more respect for the MPs who made a conscious decision to stop their campaigning and pay their respects to Jo. The media on the other hand appear to be focused on making money on someone’s death.

The media is the most visible commercial enterprise people interact with. I hope this doesn’t stain the private sector permanently.


  1. The state media (such as the BBC) have been just as bad.

    The mental illness of the murderer has not been discussed – although I suppose it is really too early for that.

    And the lady herself has been treated solely as a political object (objectified as it were) – rarely has it been considered that she was a human being first and a politician second.



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