A ray of light?

What does this mean?

As the Government reforms public services, we should encourage public sector workers to set up mutuals.

Does this mean that responsibilities will shift from government departments to independent bodies? Let’s hope so.

I have not yet found anything else to like in Theresa May’s quickly-mooted leadership speech. It could indeed have been written by Barack Obama.
Later: some alternative policies for May.


  1. Interference in the operation of companies does not bode well.

    Before complaining about private sector pay, the govt needs to get its house in order regarding revolving door fat packages for public sector deadbeats and losers, “retirement” and “severance” leading to even larger salaries.



  2. Theresa May is the true embodiment of a modern nightmare. If brits insisted Thatcher was a witch, they’re now in for a treat. May wants surveillance on digital comms, changed immigration rules quietly in the home office… I do not trust her.



  3. The level of discourse regarding UK public services is firmly set at the level of debating different models of provider.

    Most GP practices are effectively owned by the doctors, and when they hand back their contracts NHS run practices are far more expensive: http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/news/wales/nhs-run-gp-practices-handed-an-extra-29-per-patient/20031321.fullarticle

    As ever the real taboo discussion is who funds the services and who the customer is. In the NHS I have realised that the customer is the person with the money (HMG), not the patients, hence the never ending political interference as a core feature of the system.



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