Thursday Speaker: Vít Jedlička

Vít Jedlička was schooled at the private non-profit international Townshend School in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. He studied economics at Charles University and the University of Economics – both in Prague. He also holds a Masters in Political Science and Government from the Cevro Institute in Prague.

In the middle of his time at University Vít, whose open demeanour compels the use of his forename, launched a local web site called and ran it for 6 years – it is still active today. This online gathering space for the town of Hradec Králové is the reverse of his present Liberland project – founding a real nation for an online community who has found it’s new homeland inaccessible.

The President’s other current projects include acting as “directing manager” for – a website for Czech libertarians – and regional president for the Party of Free Citizens – a Czech party with one MEP. He has also worked as a an IT salesman and an analyst in the financial sector.

The reformy website contains a prominent Ron Paul quote – presumably translated to Czech. Vít has been described as having views similar to Ron Paul and is also influenced by Bastiat. The broad direction of Liberland is a little like a startup, taking a great deal of direction from the top, iterating towards goals, and promises to grow into a thriving minarchy with membership of the European Free Trade Area.

Apropos our recent referendum, Wikipedia cites a Czech language video when describing Vít as a eurosceptic who:

sought to raise awareness of the democratic deficit in the institution of the EU and of the abuse of basic moral rules by EU institutions and EU member states

Vít is married and has a family with his First Lady Janniss. He is also recently father of a 3 week old son David. Vít was sorting out his flight to London just a few hours before David was born. I was not sure if that was a sign of his steely nerves or of nervous evasiveness, but it does show he is truly a restless campaigner for his cause.

President Vít Jedlička will be describing his Road to Liberland at the Two Chairmen this Thursday 4th August.


  1. I suppose that the poor Czechs had one transient period of ‘anarchy’ at the end of WW2 when General Andrei Vlasov’s doomed Russian Liberation Army threw of the Nazi yoke and stopped the Nazis from destroying Prague at the war’s end.

    And 70 years ago today, the Soviets executed Vlasov in Moscow. RIP. Never has a man been so doomed, caught between hammer and anvil.



  2. Views similar to Ron Paul?

    What that the Czech lands should have been left under the control of the Nazis and then under the control of the Communists?

    I can not see that being wildly popular.

    Of course there are NOT the opinions Ron Paul used to hold (in 1980 he was a Ronald Reagan supporter) – he has had decades of poison poured into his ear (by Lew Rockwell and others).

    The “argument” that there is Czech “warfare state” and that the problems of the Czech Republic are caused by military spending would also attract laughter rather than support.



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