Britain Is Not Fit For Purpose.

Britain desperately needs investment. Several news stories have emerged recently that highlight this important issue.


It is often said that the NHS is the closest thing the UK has to a national religion. If this is the case then we are in the middle of a deep spiritual emergency. Many hospitals are struggling and there are plenty of horror stories describing the ordeals people go through inside the beloved NHS.


My heart really goes out to the commuters who rely on Southern Rail for their livelihood. The near future for Britain’s rail network seems to be beset by industrial action.


Britain’s roads (particularly in London) are some of the most congested in Europe. Despite billions of pounds worth of investment in transport over the past decade. The UK’s roads remain terribly clogged.


Real wages have been declining for a long time and apparently this trend is set to continue.  Of course, most news outlets are blaming this on Brexit. Decades of ruinous financial policies by successive governments somehow doesn’t figure into their analysis.


There has a controversial and misguided shake-up of the education system in recent years. Many schools are overcrowded and the number of experienced teachers leaving the occupation is alarming to say the least. To add to the misery, schools are having a hard time recruiting new members of staff.

It is a myth that we live in an age defined by ‘neoliberalism’ and small government. Despite the widely held belief that most of Britain’s public services have been ‘privatised’. Government spending has increased dramatically in all areas since the 1980s.  In all of British history, the state has never been so large and the government has never tried to play such a central role in all of our lives.

In order for a modern society to function, it needs investment and capital. The state has never been bigger but again and again it proves woefully inept at providing meaningful and long-term solutions to straightforward problems.

Britain needs radical change in order for it to be a bearable place to live in the future. If our recent history is anything to go by the state should not be our go-to source of spending. The investment needs to come from companies that seek to profit by actually addressing these issues.



  1. Yes indeed – government Welfare State spending has never been HIGHER than it is now.

    It is not lack of government spending that it is the problem – but the cult of Social Justice does not want to hear the truth.



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