EU Copyright Directive Protests

I am hearing there are big protests planned internationally to oppose the EU Copyright Directive. The directive is similar to ACTA which you will recall sparked similar international protests which we covered in a break from our holiday in Amsterdam.

From the Open Rights Group newsletter:

The European Conference of Presidents will vote this Thursday in Brussels on a request to fasttrack the final MEP vote on the EU Copyright Directive to 12 March. If successful, international protests against upload filters planned for 23 March will become obsolete. Stay tuned for ORG’s call to action.

More information about protests is listed at Save the Internet. For some reason, however, there is no planned demo in London. From afar my estimate is that copyfighters are predisposed to support Remain and the feel of the ORG newsletter is that they would really rather not have to go ahead with this right before the Article 50 Brexit deadline.


  1. Supporters of the European Union often demand an example of an area of policy where the E.U. is doing bad things – well here is such an example, the pro CENSORSHIP policy of which the so called “Copyright Directive” is part.

    Some large corporations are essentially joined-at-the-hip with government censorship policies – not just with the People’s Republic of China, but with the European Union and many other governments as well.

    Indeed had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election the American First Amendment would already be dead (and to the applause of most of the big “Woke” Corporations) – as “President Hillary Clinton” would by now have appointed enough Supreme Court judges to get “Hate Speech” (i.e. any speech the left does not agree with) banned – as is the objective of the head the Orwellian named “Human Rights” section of the United Nations (an East German trained totalitarian who used to be President of Chile).

    Such things as the “Copyright Directive” have nothing to do with “protecting the starving artists” and everything to do with banning political, and even cultural, dissent – and OF COURSE the European Union loves such things, although it may “water down” the Directive in order to deceive the gullible.

    As for the world – if the Democrats win in the United States in 2020, look for something like the (computer controlled) Chinese “Social Credit” totalitarianism to be rolled out from 2021 onwards – with the full support of the “Woke” mass media and most of Big Business. As we have learned from their opposition to British independence from the European Union – the big Corporations (with their ownerless bureaucracies) are not friends of liberty.



  2. “there is no planned demo in London”

    Grass-roots opposition to what the EC wants seems all but impossible. You have to organise across an entire continent, across multiple languages and cultures. And the whole thing is so opaque and ponderous that decisions only make it into the news when it is too late to change them.

    I’d like to be proven wrong, though.



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