Libertarian policies by measurement ommission

Simon, you are using the words ” measurement omission” in a headline. You had better explain. Ayn Rand made several important philosophical contributions. One of those was the epistemological idea that “concepts”, primary ones at least, are identical with sets of real things. She called them “existents” (things that exist) or “referents” (things referred to […]

Dominic Frisby: Is Bitcoin changing the world?

Bitcoin itself isn’t changing the world, but the technological breakthrough that made it possible, the blockchain, is. The first big point made in Dominic Frisby’s talk concerned the difference between money and cash.  Money can be coins or bank notes, but it can also be bank accounts, air miles, supermarket points, and so on –  […]

Video: The State of the Minimum Wage debate

Our speaker Sam Bowman gave an energised and thorough review of the arguments over the minimum wage. This was not the first time he had tackled the issue so he came with a lot of detail. Starting with “Econ 101” the idea that if the minimum price of a good exceeds the market clearing price […]