Help needed North of the border

John Watson of the Scottish Libertarians drops by to tell us of a Council by election on November 5th in which his party is entering a candidate for the third time in a four month period.

John is the former LPUK treasurer who, in the period after his election, was denied oversight of the books he was newly responsible for. He left the scene to focus on Scotland, cutting a deal with LPUK to use the name Libertarian.

John suggests that anyone willing to help contact the party through it’s Facebook page.

The vote will use the Single Transferable Vote system, giving an interesting opportunity to measure how willing the electorate are to consider a libertarian.

Libertarian Party Local Election Results

The newly tolerable Libertarian Party quietly announced a list of candidates some time ago on Facebook. I have been looking into what happened to their council candidates.

In Crawley Adam Brown stood for Southgate ward. He finished last, but attracted 53 votes.

Simon Walmsley stood for Horsehay and Lightmoor ward in Telford. That effort yielded 45 votes, a quarter of the Green tally.

Aled Jones was down as standing in the Bridlington North ward, but in fact stood in Bridlington North parish. Despite the confusion Aled won the most votes of any candidate that I followed up on, a pleasantly surprising 476 votes.

The LPUK roster as posted to Facebook

Aaron Hepworth does not appear to have gone ahead with his Westminster bid as no information can be found and, on a trivial search, Radcliffe does not appear to be a constituency. The LPUK does have a track record of having candidates pull out of Westminster bids.

At parish level Stockton on Tees candidate Liam Hillman stood in Newtown alongside nearby Terry O’Neil in nearby Parkfield & Oxbridge. Each polled small numbers of votes, finishing last.

Good luck also to each of the remaining parish candidates including the indefatigable Rohen Kapur and party chairman Guy Montrose.


ILN standing up for Uttoxeter

I was slow to pick up on this one, but Uttoxeter Town and Uttoxeter Rural divisions are set to be the first election test for Gavin Webb and his partner Melanie Wilson.

Previously, Gavin appeared to vaciliate between the idea of standing for a national election, and sticking to his long-held preference for local activism. The national scene tends to be the focus of policy debate in the London scene but the Gavin justifies his preference citing the need to build experience and local reputation. I wonder if the national debate is a better way to generate cultural change, and to leverage what libertarians enjoy doing, but this is certainly worth a shot and Gavin’s consistency and dedication show through here.

Well done to Gavin and Melanie for standing.