Thank you for your curiousity about the Libertarian Home Connector. This social plugin is intended to gather, aggregate and regurgitate attention data from the libertarian community, for the libertarian community. Think of it as an alarm bell to draw attention to something that matters. As with a real alarm bell the goal is to draw together people will to respond, or who share a mutual need to address some issue or concern.

The "important" button in flagged and unflagged states.

The “important” button in flagged and unflagged states.


  • Making something known.
  • Rewarding useful work.
  • Focusing attention.
  • Gathering feedback.
  • Ranking the importance of your own data.


The button will be available shortly as in the WordPress plugin marketplace. If you want it now then contact Simon.


If we all start ringing bells won’t it be noisy?

It will be mayhem. Software will be written to discern some sense out of the madness.

Who is holding the data?

The data is in Simon’s care. You should expect that it will not be sold as such but may be used to offer profitable services in the form of communications tools. No such services exist at this time.

Where does it go?

Your data is stored in a Rackspace Cloud Database in their Dallas-Fort Worth datacentre.

Is the data accessible to the NSA?

Who really knows? But yes it probably is. If ringing an alarm bell to draw attention to data, within earshot of the NSA sounds like a bad idea in your circumstances – then do not do it. You might want to think carefully about drawing attention to certain kinds of content in the present political regime.

What data is stored?

Metadata about the content you provide (title, url, description, etc), and the fact that you think it is important. The name and OpenId you gave me. An email address that you confirm on first access. Optionally, you can provide your postcode.

Does the data get mined (excluding the NSA)?

The data will be mined for the most important material, which will then be shared as widely as possible.

How is privacy protected?

The alarm itself is publicly audible, but does not contain your name.

Standard security technology protects your account (Spring Security, formerly called Acegi). The network link is not yet encrypted. Use Tor if that matters, or make it known that this feature is important to you.

Data is aggregated before presentation and your name will not be linked to it publicly unless you do so yourself. As of 22/09/2013 there is no means to attach your name publicly.

Isn’t there a better way to store and mine this data safely?

Yes there probably is. If you know what it is and it can be implemented economically then you should tell me.

Why the cryptic quotations?

You mean this? The service does not intend to be another social network. It is a store of attention data with outputs all over the place and nowhere in particular. This is a somewhat novel concept and it is unclear what the homepage of such a service would do. It may be that the service will never have anything to do with a homepage and if there is nothing that it needs to do why should it say anything at all? We’re friends aren’t we?

I’m your friend and I want to donate something.

The best donation you could make is to use the plugin to alert fellow libertarian activists to stuff that really matters.

If you insist on showing economic support, buy your next book via the Reading List.


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