Notes for Speakers

Thank you for agreeing to talk at Libertarian Home – we value our speakers input.  These notes should help everyone to get the most from the evening.

  • expect lights and camera to be used
  • arrive at the advertised ‘doors opening’ time from
  • speak for 20 minutes, without a microphone
  • answer questions for up to 30 minutes

Each month is chaired by a different moderator. The favoured term is the “organising fascist” – such being the level of discourse. You will have either

a) been contacted from the get go by your moderator

b) assigned a moderator as the time approaches per a rota or on account of subjective factors.

Please provide your mobile or an appropriate online contact address to your moderator so you can be contacted while in transit.

Unless you have spoken before a biography will be posted on-line before the event. Repeat speakers may have an update about their life or work posted instead, linking back to a previous bio. Speakers should not expect the bio to be entirely one sided – we make an effort to find important negative events with the goal of making the biography a genuinely useful article for blog readers.

Doors open at the Two Chairmen at 18:30. Guests will arrive, order food and chat among themselves until 7:45. Speakers are welcome to arrive at any time during this period but if they are not intending to join in from 18:30 then it reduces stress levels if we are told in advance. The schedule may vary at other venues.

Lights, Camera & Audio are turned on around 19:40. Stay sitting comfortably until this is complete.

A glass is banged at 19:45 and the speaker is introduced based on the bio. This is usually unscripted and the speaker may be asked a few biographical questions.

Talks last for 20 minutes. Speakers who over-run this can expect a shorter Q&A, inferior “views” on YouTube and to be “hurried up” but they won’t normally be interrupted.

Q&A continues until  20:45 or until questions are exhausted, whichever comes first. Speakers to not need to rely on the moderator but they are there to ensure the session runs smoothly and to time.

It is not uncommon for there to be interjections from the floor which have not come through the moderator (especially from a previous questioner). Help is requested to discourage this since questions, answers, and back-chat must all fit the hour available.

After the formal session your moderator may be required to ensure the cameras are turned off, audio stopped and equipment taken down.

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