Reading list


Human Action by Ludwig von Mises [online]

The Theory of Money and Credit by Ludwig von Mises [online]

Denationalization of Money: The Argument Refined by F A Hayek [online, kindle]


The Age of Rand by Frederick Cookingham – how to live in a future age dominated by Randian or libertarian ideology, which the author explains how to reconcile together. What will be important to the people? How will the different ethical system change art, culture and business? Peppered with advice about how to bring about the atrophy and irrelevance of the State [kindle].

The Beautiful Tree by James Tooley – The author is described as the world’s leading private school spotter. The schools he has found provide education on commercial terms to the worlds poorst communities.


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – a mysterious “destroyer” leads a non-violent revolution against the collectivist political establishment and crony capitalism.  An epic story of a dystopian near-future America told over 12 years and 1100 pages.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein – an artificially intelligent computer and his cyborg repairman muddle through a violent rebellion against the harsh economic policies of Earth which threaten to starve the people of Luna within a decade.

Speaker recommendations

The speakers series at the Rose and Crown offers a range of libertarian perspectives. All the speakers have been well-read and some are authors themselves. The following list includes those books that have featured in the talks and books by the authors.

Arguments for Liberty by Jan C Lester

Escape from Leviathan: Libertarianism without Justificationism by Jan C Lester

The Myth of the Closed Mind: Explaining Why and How People are Rational by Ray Scott Percival

Paper Money Collapse by Detlev S. Schlichter