Conservatives for Liberty

If there is one thing the libertarian movement lacks it is strong institutions. Given our pro-prosperity and pro-market bent it is noticable that money isn’t being thrown at setting up more of them, by people who have money and feel they deserve to keep it. Perhaps the answer is that there are too few good people who not only possess the correct ideas, which is hard enough, but also the disposition, qualifications and personal circumstances to put ideas into action.

Paul Nizinskyj, a Conservative party member has decided he is such a person, has stood up, and has done something about. He joins the ranks of a very small group to have done this in a party and parliamentary context and in March of this year, in the middle of my wedding preparations, started a sub grouping of Conservatives for Liberty. Fear not though, the group – now officially endorsed by Dan Hannan, launches on October 14th – you have not missed the party.

I for one did miss Paul’s stirring words on The Libertarian in April:

myself and my colleague Joe Markham established Conservatives for Liberty last month. After watching far too many of our friends and comrades leave the Conservative party under a cloud of disillusion, no longer believing it was for people like them, we realised there was no organisation within the party advocating both economic and social liberalism in the same breath.

Hannan-conservatives-for-liberty-logo-300x200The movement has its poster boys, of course – Daniel Hannan, Douglas Carswell, Syed Kamall, Alan Duncan, JP Floru – yet no one group focuses these voices and those of ordinary party members into a klaxon reaching out to liberals and libertarians with the call ‘this party is for you!’

As it happens, all the politicians named above have joined the advisory board of Conservatives for Liberty and Daniel Hannan has kindly accepted the role of honorary president. With their guidance, myself and Joe aim to make Conservatives for Liberty a strong, active and – most importantly – loud voice for the libertarian tendency in the party.

I personally would struggle to feel comfortable in the Conservative Party – I feel I would fail to persuade many of them into objectivism – but this website is a portal and a home for all those in the UK who are driven to apply the non agression principle as consistently as they believe is possible, and who endorse social and economic liberty. You may feel that Conservatives for Liberty is for you, or you may not, but I strongly suggest keeping an eye on them and offering them our respect for getting something moving.