ACTA protest plans

I am gathering expressions of interest in attending, and leafletting, the ACTA demo on 9th June. The intention will be to reach out to other protestors as much as members of the public. Both audiences will not have normally dealt with or heard from Libertarians.

It will be an opportunity to meet and socialise with naturally libertarian people but in a purposeful setting. They will be active on the issue of protecting the open internet and will enjoy hearing from people who agree with them, and curious about their very different reasons for opposing ACTA.

The public will consist of random folk going about their business curious enough to pause and take a leaflet. They will appreciate a well written explaination of the issues, and getting a leaflet from a libertarian sub-group will give them a second perspective and add weight to the anti-ACTA focus of the march.

We went to Occupy LSX to let them know they are dead wrong and expected a bit of confrontation. I was very pleased that we didn’t get any confrontation, but actually benefited from an interesting debate. The result was a fun day out in the sun. Because we agree to such an extent that ACTA and DEA are wrong, the set-up is much more of a win-win for everyone attending so I hope to join in common cause and expect the day to be a great deal of fun.

To ensure we meet the longer term objective I will be preparing a leaflet that plugs this website and social media addresses so that anyone finding themselves sympathetic can follow what we’re doing. The leaflet is about 30% done and is focused on the fact that an open Internet is a huge economic asset to people and I will attempt to explain why a closed Internet is not good enough. To help bolster the economic focus, I am also mentioning the cookie directive and net neutrality.

If you would like to help out please RSVP via email to or Facebook.