I agree with Ed Miliband on Policing

Ok, shock horror, I actually agree with Ed Miliband on something

Labour leader Ed Miliband will today make a speech saying the G4S fiasco was evidence there should be a halt on government moves to massively increase private sector involvement in policing.

He will also call for a moratorium on any new public money being awarded to G4S after a failure that “beggared belief”.

He will address a gathering of Labour candidates first elected as Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in England and Wales.

He will say: “Before they are awarded any new policing contracts, we need a review of G4S’s ability to deliver.”

I also believe policing should not be sub-contracted out to ‘private’ companies. After reading a bit about how the Roman Republic used to sub-contract out tax collection to private companies, to devastating effect, I’m of the view that it can only ever end in tears.

First you’re creating another client of the State. A profit hungry one that has an inherent interest in more government and more sub-contracting.

And Secondly if the State is to privatise it should give me and you and every other individual in the country the power to decide who provides us with a particular service. The Government of the day should not decide on our behalf.

Ultimately we need less government, not more ‘privatisation’.