ILN standing up for Uttoxeter

I was slow to pick up on this one, but Uttoxeter Town and Uttoxeter Rural divisions are set to be the first election test for Gavin Webb and his partner Melanie Wilson.

Previously, Gavin appeared to vaciliate between the idea of standing for a national election, and sticking to his long-held preference for local activism. The national scene tends to be the focus of policy debate in the London scene but the Gavin justifies his preference citing the need to build experience and local reputation. I wonder if the national debate is a better way to generate cultural change, and to leverage what libertarians enjoy doing, but this is certainly worth a shot and Gavin’s consistency and dedication show through here.

Well done to Gavin and Melanie for standing.

ILN keen to find Libertarian by-election candidate

It feels like like buses but here they are: news of two upcoming by-elections in one day (okay you heard that intro before, sorry).

First, re: Portsmouth South, thanks to Guido we find their MP in a spot of bother over some small matter of being a pest to a vulnerable girl, allegedly. The matter is expected to take months to sort out, so the time to start planning for a by-election fight is now. This is one that people will be able prepare for.

Second, in case you missed it South Shields MP David Milliband is doing a Mensch and is off to New York to play with International Rescues’ rocketships. It seems this one might happen first, thopugh I’m not clear on when exactly.

Hearing about the Portsmouth opportunity I wondered out loud whether any Libertarian would be standing and I was pleased to see this tweet from Gavin Webb’s Indepentant Libertarians.

At the moment, Twitter seems willing to throw money at this, but there is no sign of a candidate. If you are willing to get up and active for a prospective candidate then contact the blog and I’ll add you to the blogs mailing list or follow along on Twitter.

Independent Libertarian Network founded

Gavin Webb writes:

This is just a quick email to keep you informed of progress of my plans to register a new political party. Well, it has finally happened – England, Scotland and Wales have a new libertarian party called the Independent Libertarian Network.

I’ll be in touch very soon with more information, but in the meantime, visit for a little teaser 🙂

There is, regrettably, very little information available about this network yet. Gavin is being tight lipped.

I have uploaded their Electoral Commission Profile, to save you the hassle of navigating that over engineered website.

Gavin Webb beats UKIP to 4th place in Uttoxeter

Tories 44% Labour 31% Gavin Webb 14% UKIP 10%

Gavin beats UKIP by nearly 4%

Gavin Webb has scored a brilliant third place result in Uttoxeter Town Parish [PDF], earning 13.7% of the vote and beating UKIP by 31 votes. Gavin writes:

So, for a first time attempt to get libertarian representation on Uttoxeter Town Council, I think its a good result. However, this could be just the start of something exciting for the town.

Gavin had the support of 116 libertarians in Uttoxeter, but shamefully, Gavin only managed to faundraise £62 of his £250 target from libertarians nationally. I vote that we say thank you for to Gavin for giving us some good news by topping up that total today.