The Left are waking up to the Libertarian threat

With the rise of Ron Paul the Left are beginning to wake up to the threat Libertarianism poses them. Why? Because we are more ‘liberal’ than them. And, importantly, we have a far stronger economic argument.

This fear is personified in the childish attacks of George Mombiot. And now Jeffrey Sachs… Yeah, I don’t know who he is either…

Here are some examples of the nonsense Jeffrey throws at us…

Like many extreme ideologies, libertarianism gives a single answer to a complicated world.

No it doesn’t. Libertarianism does not aim to answer the major problems of the world. It simply aims to give people the freedom to work out solutions for themselves. Because as we often point out, the State has done an awful job of working out ‘solutions’ for us.

Jeffrey continues…

Libertarians hold that individual liberty should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of other values or causes.

Again, no. Property Rights are just as important as Liberty. Damage my property and you lose your right to liberty. We’re Libertarians, not Libertines. In a Libertarian/Anarchist society an individual will not be free to do whatever they wish without censure.

And the most ridiculous argument…

Suppose a rich man has a surfeit of food and a poor man living next door is starving to death. The libertarian says that the government has no moral right or political claim to tax the rich person in order to save the poor person. Perhaps the rich person should be generous and give charity to the neighbor, the libertarian might say (or might not), but there is nothing that the government should do. The moral value of saving the poor person’s life simply does not register when compared with the liberty of the rich person.

So if another man is poor or hungry I should be forced to support him..?

Ok, but what if the man spent his whole life beating his wife? Or he was a drug addict? Or he spent all his money on whores? Or he touched children? Or he was Bernie Madoff? Should I still be forced to hand over my money..?

As is clear many of the arguments against libertarians come from a position of gross ignorance. But expect many more attacks like this because we’ve got the Left running scared.




Image credit: David Shankbone