Vote Leave, the safer option

At stake – the future of our democracy

On issues like the economy, immigration and the NHS, should decisions be made by an open, public debate or behind closed doors by un-elected and unaccountable officials? As the EU has grown in strength, decisions have increasingly been made by people we have no control over.

We don’t have to stay in the EU to trade with EU member states

The pro-EU campaign wants us to think leaving the EU would bring trade to a halt with other EU countries, but that is not true. Norway and Switzerland outside the EU enjoy trading with the EU, so do many other countries like China and the USA.

The EU threatens our legal rights

In this country we have rights to protect us from arbitrary punishment. Jury trials and Habeas Corpus mean we cannot be locked for days without a fair trial. However, under the European Arrest Warrant, we can be sent to another country where these protections do not exist.

Choosing independence is not racist

The people of Ghana were not called racist when it became independent. No one said the Jamaicans turned their backs on the world, when it gained independence. Voting to leave is about the people of Britain choosing to manage their own affairs through a democratic political system. It has nothing to do with being against anyone else.

If in doubt, vote out!

We face a momentous decision: whether to remain within the EU and see our democratic system of government wither away, or choose independence and take control of our nation and its laws.

Three thank yous

Last week was a good week for Libertarian Home, with some really enjoyable real-life events.

Thursday, David MacDonagh joined us to talk about rationality. He argued that there is no such thing as irrationality and argued that what we think of as irrationality is actually mistaken knowledge and mistaken theories in the essentially fluid minds of a species whose beliefs are in state of permanent, though biased, change. A fascinating Q&A expanded to take in free-will and determinism, epistemology, and strategy. I’d like to thank David for an excellent session and promise to get the edited audio online shortly.

Saturday, I was joined by Aidan, Pavel, Michael and Jan at a protest outside the EU’s London headquarters in Smith Square to protest ACTA, CCDP and DEA, or rather the enforced policing of the web by ISPs and online communities, the snooping charter that aims to monitor your Facebook and the extra-judicial process set up for media companies to disconnect your broadband. We distributed about 100 leafletsĀ  to activists at the protest and – putting Anonymous to shame – around a busy Parliament Square. The leaflets lambasted these three issues and took in net neutrality (contract regulation targetting internet infrastructure) and the EU’s rotten Cookie Directive which burdens online enterprises with a mandate to add ridiculous health warnings. These are all heavy burdens on one group or another, but taken together threaten the openness of the Internet. It was great to get libertarians on the streets to stand up against these measures and give an alternative perspective.

Andy Janes, recently on holiday, has announced he is taking a longer break from blogging to concentrate on his studies as he pursues a new career. He blogged at Outspoken Rabbit and was this website’s second writer. But Andy also worked behind the scenes to facilitate some of this websites biggest moments. It was Andy that put all the intellectual leg work into the OccupyLSX counter-action and facilitated the insanely popular talk by Tom Borroughes by putting us two together. Good luck to him in his new carreer and hopefully we’ll see him around from time to time.

A new face at Libertarian Home

I’d like to take a moment to welcome on board Trooper Thompson who has kindly agreed to begin writing here from time to time.

Trooper has pre-empted this post with a post of his own, giving some of his reasons. Regardless of those reasons I’m very pleased to accept Trooper’s help. His historical insight and detailed knowledge of the theories will make for interesting reading and add to the intellectual diversity of the site as we move forward and away from just being a site for LPUK news.