Don’t forget to vote?

So… there is some sort of election on today. If I manage to lever myself out of bed in time I might even make it the 400 yards necessary to cast my ballot. I can’t help but be appalled at my own complete lack of interest in this particular poll.

So, who to vote for? I had considered a spoilt ballot, reasoning that voting “will only encourage them” but in the medium term life under Boris is preferable life under Ken, and the last poll I remember indicated a close race. though I expect that Perry de Havilland would disagree, and that it is better a overt statist gets the blame for the statism.

There is also the question of UKIP. They are constitutionally libertarian, though it doesn’t show. In fact it really really doesn’t show. Not even a little. I think though, that I will vote first preference UKIP second preference Boris and spoil every other ballot (unless there is a UKIPper). It just seems churlish for a libertarian not to reward a party that is (in the worst interpretation) at least pretending to be libertarian.

Still, I’m not expecting anything to change, or even a change in direction, until UKIP are the second party being attacked by a libertarian party in third or fourth and I think that is a long way off.