Spain slams Argentina for move to seize oil firm

It’s straight from the pages of Atlas Shrugged. While ecomonic power houses move increasinlgly toward economic authoritarianism and poverty weaker nations resort to stealing capital, if not exactly the company, from foreign owners.

SPAIN rounded on Argentina’s move to seize control of oil giant YPF yesterday, threatening swift economic retribution for the nationalisation plan.

Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on Monday tabled legislation to reclaim YPF, which Repsol has said is worth $18bn as a whole.

Civil society advisors reject OECD proposal to make ISPs police net

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has rejected a draft report by the Organistion for Economic Cooperation and Development which would have recommended member states, including the UK and Europe, adopt a policy of requiring intermediaries such as Internet Service Providers to act as the Internet’s police intellectual property force.

The DRAFT Communiqué advises OECD countries to adopt policy and legal frameworks that make Internet intermediaries responsible for taking lawful steps to deter copyright infringement. This approach could create incentives for Internet intermediaries to delete or block contested content, and lead to network filtering, which would harm online expression. In addition, as has already happened in at least one country, Internet intermediaries could voluntarily adopt “graduated response” policies under which Internet users’ access could be terminated based solely on repeated allegations of infringement. CSISAC believes that these measures contradict international and European human rights law.

This is a tax on an increasingly homogenous industry that would only result in additional consolidation, hitting jobs, raising prices and reducing quality of service for all. The underlying moral theme is thinly veiled aggression towards the owners of Internet companies who would be forced to work for the benefit of special interests in the content industries, and against their own interests. This is straight from the pages of Atlas Shrugged.