Quote of the Day

Things have move on since 1700. We now have ubiquitous internet, exchange of information, people able to connect and form pressure groups etc. Prior to the internet, it would have been hard for people to know others were having the same problems, let alone connect with them an do something about it. I strongly believe that the internet age has made Libertarianism an even more practical proposition than it was previously.

– James Rigby, on Facebook

Quote of the Day

We get people like Sunny Hundal puffing in disgust because someone on £250,000 a year might be paying LESS than 40% in tax.

40% is £100,000 in tax. One hundred THOUSAND pounds in tax from one individual. Every year! That is four times the entire pre-tax wage of those on average incomes. It is TWENTY times that paid in tax by those same people. One person paying twenty times that of another.

Why? Because they are outnumbered, for a start.

Tim Carpenter