An “inability to deal with reality”

“To put it even more simply, with the Milibands of this world, we are dealing with the mentality of a child. Now, I don’t care whether Miliband looks or sounds odd, or is a tosser who knifed his brother in the back, so to speak, although I suppose these things do matter. What, at root, terrifies me about the idea of this fuckwit taking power is that he is a fuckwit, and alas, insufficiently self aware of his fuckwittery and inability to deal with reality.”

Johnathan Pearce, who I know values very highly the importance of dealing with reality.




Image credit “Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Quote of the week

There was a third group in Conservative student politics, those who who followed the the traditionzal agenda of the parties right wing. They had no time for libertarian ideas and favoured a more authoritarian outlook to shape society as it they thought it should be. … For some reason we never discovered this group was termed the ‘shits’

Think  Tank: The story of the Adam Smith Institue by Madsen Pirie, page 68 (describing the factions in the Young Conservatives in the ’80’s. Some things haven’t changed much….)


Quote of the day

What’s happened in the UK is we’ve ended up with a monoculture around the Plc as a dominant form of ownership,” says Mayfield. “If you’re an entrepreneur and looking to sell your business, an adviser would be very unlikely to suggest any kind of co-operative model. If you suggested it, they would probably tell you not to as they don’t really understand it. There’s a lack of awareness that it’s a serious option.” The tax and regulation system is also a disincentive, he says.

-John Lewis Chairman Charlie Mayfield interviewed in CityAm today, on why there aren’t that many co-ops in the highstreet

Quote of the Week

‘It is here that one can most ferociously blame Fed Chairmen Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, and their decade and more of irresponsibly cheap money. By distorting price signals throughout the economy, and producing burst bubble after burst bubble without any significant improvement in living standards except at the very top, they have not only gravely damaged the economy, but enabled the Left to claim that free markets “don’t work” so we must bring in government and the unfortunate taxpayer to solve our economic problems. Of course, this crisis is not a failure of free markets and not even a failure of capitalism- unless you accuse modern managerialist crony capitalism, in which case you would be right’

Alchemists of Loss: How modern finance and government intervention crashed the financial system by Kevin Dowd and Martin Hutchinson, pages 154-5.