Burka Ban Bites

So UKIP are furious that they got called racist and two of their members were therefore not selected as the permanent foster parents for ethnic minority children. UKIP have been bundled together with the BNP quite unfairly for ages, not least by Baroness Warsi whom many would suppose to be well informed on the issues facing ethnic minorities, so for one moment I was ready to leap to their defence. Then I remembered the Burka Ban, the one objectively observable fact about UKIP that does suggest a whiff of racism is that they wanted to discourage Burkhas.

As Julie Borowski reminds us in her latest video, the public want to vote for social liberals. She’s talking about Americans but I believe it to be true here also. Social liberty is in fashion just as economic liberty is moving beyond the pale, and the answer for confused right of centre political parties is to discard personal taste as a matter of politics and move to a consisently libertarian position politically. If you really feel abortion or whatever is a major issue, join a campaigning church group. Surrender your outmoded social views and fight the neccessary political battle for economic liberty. In a way UKIP are paying the price for ideological inconsistency, not necessarily in actuality, but in terms of confused PR messages and branding. In the main, that works for me. Silly ideas should be punished, its the one thing we can choose to change.

The problem is that the original policy was technically well formed. If I recall correctly, becuase it merely clarified the right of property owners to ban burkas on their land –  a right they should properly possess. The war must be faught for property rights of that kind, that put racist idiots in charge of their own fate and put difficult subtleties such as security issues under local, rather than centralised control. You just can’t seem racist while doing it, and the public are so poorly educated about such principles that some blue water is required between UKIP and the BNP before they should have tackled that one.

The smear has worked, but UKIP can fight on by clearly articulating the ideas they have adopted in their constitution.

So I said above that discrimination based on ideology is something I’m okay with. I am okay with that, but as Graham Stuart MP (via ConservativeHome) points out the council has abused it’s power in this case. I don’t blame the workers involved for being ignorant about what membership of UKIP really implies but political institutions should not indulge in discrimination, that is an attack on political freedom. Another reason that democratic institutions should not be involved in such a broad range of activities.

The BBC eventually covered the story, but most impressive is Michael Gove who also did well to show that this is not good for the children.