Miranda hearing November 6th

The next hearing in the case of David Miranda vs the Home Secretary is scheduled for November 6th and is due to start at 10:30 am.

Our strategy is still a little up in the air with the feeling being that more alliances are required to make a success of a street protest. Also I was unable to find out what the subject of the hearing is precisely, though it does seem likely to be the first round of the judicial review procedure. As such, the above date and time may be a time for us to hit the streets or it may not.

If you are interested in taking action on a work day, then get in touch. Meanwhile, watch this space.

Life at a telco, early this century

This happened a long time ago…

Boss’ Boss: Hey Simon. IT are testing a system. Can you give them a million call records from the finance copy? They want realistic test data.

Lowly Little Me: Er… OK. Don’t they have access already?

BB: Well, you know. It’s about being helpful.

LLM: Ah politics. Not interested. Ok anyway…. is this for that monthly reporting thing?

BB: Yes.

LLM: So, you need records distributed arbitrarily through time? Not just the last million calls?

BB: Yes. And include texts too. Everything really.


Alt-Tab -> TOAD. New file.

select * from (
select caller_number, count(*)
	normalized_event ne
group by
	count(*) desc
) where rownum < 1000

Hmm… these add up to about a million…. click… click… click…

Huh, how come there are so many calls for these top numbers? .. peek … ah… porn lines! Wow! I guess that’s realistic. Maybe I’ll throw in some from further down the list.
click… click…

select * from
	normalized_event ne 
	caller_number in ( .. pasted list .. )
 and rownum < 1000000

… wait…

Export to CSV…