Jonathan Isaby leaves TPA to lead up BrexitCentral

Many of you will know and love the work of the Tax Payers Alliance. Today they have announced they are to be loosing their head Jonathon Isaby who will work at a new Matthew Elliot project titled BrexitCentral.

For the TPA, Andrew Allum writes:

Jonathan leaves the TPA in an extremely strong position. Under his watch, those who spend the money earned by hard-pressed families now must ask themselves “what would the TaxPayers’ Alliance think?” before they sign off any spending decision. I would like to thank Jonathan for his leadership and successful campaigning while with the TPA

For their part Brexit Central are of course happy and are looking forward to getting going:

As Theresa May’s government sets about implementing the historic verdict of the British people at June’s referendum, BrexitCentral will be essential reading for all wanting to follow the twists and turns of the UK’s departure from the European Union. The website, to be launched in September, will be a one-stop shop for news, analysis, comment and insight about the single biggest issue dominating the new Prime Minister’s in-tray, backed up by a vibrant social media presence and a daily e-bulletin.

2020 Tax Commission Report

The 2020 Tax Commission has published it’s report. The Tax Payer’s Alliance, who contributed to the report said:

The Commission is calling for radical but realistic reform of our tax system which we believe is vital to kick start growth in the face of economic stagnation. The plans are ambitious but could be implemented by year 2020. At the moment this is the most comprehensive plan for growth put forward for the UK.

The report recommends a single 30% rate of tax to boost growth, the elimination of double taxation and consolidation of eight taxes into one.