Event Videos

Videos of Libertarian Home events.

London for Leave


Thank you to all the people who came together over the last four days to help us send a message. That fear and hatred will not win. That happiness, prosperity and fulfilment for everyone are to be found outside the European Union. Vote Leave on June 23rd. I’m writing this letter as I’ve felt strongly…

Brexit will mean a new Hanseatic League


It is possible, if you choose to think like them, to see the world through the eyes of any politician. If you choose to see the world through the eyes of David Cameron then the EU referendum is a win-win scenario. For Cameron a Remain vote is a straight win. He has achieved his preferred…

Tim Evans on the 2016 Budget


Tim Evan’s recent talk at the Two Chairmen was delivered in three sections: the strategy of the new Corbyn axis in left-wing politics, the budget and the EU “Brexit” referendum. This article summarises the section on the budget. This country is now in debt to nearly £1.6 trillion. The deficit is approximately £70 billion. In…

Corbyn’s Mission


Tim Evans, professor at Middlesex University came to deliver a talk for us at the Two Chairmen in Westminster. He tried to be as scholarly as possible. Cutting through the ideological debate and dealing solely with what the actors are thinking, not his own thoughts. He delivered his talk, below, in three sections. The summary…

Audio: Making Change Within Your Lifetime


This rather noisy recording is from the Fine Line – the dinner and drinks venue for the Liberty League Freedom Forum 2015. Brian Micklethwait, Charlotte Bowyer and Guy Herbert joined myself for a wide ranging chat about how they have do and have done libertarian activism. http://bb8df32ebb1b60e7a7f6-dd84e330d6bc6c322cf4b9415c94c358.r24.cf2.rackcdn.com/making-change.mp3 I think all the participants looked at their…

Video: Travelling on Russian Borders


When Michael Jennings as born the world was neatly divided into US led and NATO allied West and a Russian dominated East, behind the Iron Curtain. The separation was obvious and physical – barbed wire was involved – and had consequences – acts as simple as fetching groceries worked very differently on either side. Now,…