Libertarian Home in 2018

There is an interesting fact circulating the internet. All living adults were born between 1900 and 2000 – an era that mostly predates the internet and both Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006). All children were born since 2000 and their earliest memories therefore include a fully matured internet (1983) and world wide web (1991). They have all survived school with Facebook on their iPhones (2007).

Pre-internet adults are therefore running things for post-internet children, and that is something which is also going to change very rapidly from here.

One of the major effects of the internet is to allow people to exist in a bubble defined by their beliefs, surrounded by the people and opinions that they prefer to click on. It is critical that libertarians are equipped to break into those bubbles to find allies and to engage enemies. To do this we must be able to appreciate and even respect people who are in awe of viewpoints we find abhorrent. We must understand why they continue to believe silly things. You won’t change their minds if you don’t.

We must also understand who our friends are, which groups have goals compatible with our own. We must get to know what they need in terms of political and cultural change, and find ways in which our ideas and energies can be made to service common goals.

So the theme for speakers this year is that I want hear from friends about what they need and how we can help, and I want to bring forward critiques and debates on political ideas that are incompatible with our own.

Dose of Liberty Pod Cast

I am delighted that a team of Libertarian Home activists have launched “Dose of Liberty” a new regular podcast. Jordan, Bruno and Tamiris will cover three topics in 30 minutes every month.

Follow them on Facebook.

Last year in video

In the last year we had 14 meetups and published 9 new videos. Here are some of lastest and most relevant we uploaded recently:

Two Revolutionary Philosophies

The Borg’s Philosophy

What is the Libertarian Movement for?

Porn : The New Left’s War on Free Speech

We are all smokers now with Dave Atherton

Power of Fiction with Marc Sidwell

The Twilight of the Wonks with Marc Sidwell

Brexit Makes Progress

Localism 2.0 with Gintas Vilkelis

Religion vs Morality with Andrew Bernstein

Trump And The Decline Of America

Ways to Help

There is now a fascinating archive of older meetup videos which require editing, publishing and summarising. Time and money are both useful in getting these things done. If you are able to donate either then do be in touch.

Editing a video requires a minimum of two hours, a decent computer, and a modicum of technical skill (which I am willing to teach you). Summarising one requires good writing ability, an email address, the ability to watch and follow the content, and an appreciation of the strategic landscape libertarians occupy.

Writing for the Libertarian Home website is a great way to get your views across to committed libertarian activists. Libertarians must get to know each others suggestions, ideas and insights.

Blogging as a group also has positive externalities where your contributions enhance the value contributed by others. Each article creates an audience for the next one, so in general you will receive more from other’s than you give to others.

Email me to get involved.

Donating Money

The website, venue and promotional tools represent a regular expense. I am appreciative of regular donations to help cover these costs. The tip jar is open.

One Comment

  1. I prefer talking to writing – and listening to people rather than reading their words. I tend to be harsher in written word than in speech – and I lose interest in reading (perhaps because I am old and have little time left) if I can not communicate with the writer.

    There is something about the written word that leads people further and further away from each other – it never seems to lead to understanding, just to conflict. If people really are more divided than ever then it is time to use new technology (such as audio-visual technology) to enable us to communicate with each other.



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