Smoking liberty protest

Dick Puddlecote, Dave Atherton, and others are gathering at The Vaults pub in Stony Stratford to protest against a ban on smoking to be applied to the whole town.

This ridiculously authoritarian and frankly horrible idea was put forward by somewhat unpleasant local Councillor Paul Bartlett and is passionately opposed by locals and well as concerned out-of-towners.

The protest takes place on the 16th July at 11am.


  1. Rather than trying to ‘compromise’ or ‘relax’ the law, the law should be repealed to give real freedom to licensees over their own business. Having served on licensing on Stoke City Council, I can tell you that these regulations, including any that will require a pub or club has ‘adequate ventilation’ will merely add additional costs to licensees, and therefore the price of the beer. This won’t help pubs of clubs. It will help supermarkets, big pub corps and encourage home-brewing (I’m increasingly the latter because the price of a pint is dumb).

    Decrease regulation by repealing the law. There are some things that shouldn’t be a compromise (and I don’t smoke by the way).



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