LPUK Blogspot revived?

As if things couldn’t get any weirder after Simon’s last post on the matter, the old LPUK blogspot site has now been revived with a notice that was posted Monday 25th July stating the following:

For the past three months the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom has been unable to have a say on national and international events, instead concentrating on internal disputes.

While a few have dedicated their time to hitting the keyboard with the daily hate, it has been necessary for the legally responsible officers to move forward with tasks that will see the continued existence of the Libertarian Party.

On the 29th June the party faced a mandatory de-registration by the Electoral Commission,a situation that the responsible officers have so far prevented from happening. We are also pleased that the financial plan in place with the Electoral Commission has succeeded and the party again enjoys solvency. Operational Standing orders are in place for financial matters overseen by a committee of four Libertarian Party UK members.

The membership function was returned to the officers at the beginning of June and all members that have maintained their membership will shortly be receiving an outline of an action plan to take the party through to 2012 via the postal services.

On Friday 22nd July 2011, the responsible officers received a letter from the Electoral Commission that gave an ‘avoidance of doubt’ position as far as the Law is concerned. This is already available to the NCC and will be copied to all current party members.

The Party has a new website under construction http://www.libertarianpartyuk.com.

It will be designed to promote the Libertarian Party UK to the public, to outline our policies,provide party news, information and contact details, to promote regional party affiliations and to respond to political matters on behalf of the Party. It will not be a ‘blog’ where you can vent your spleen and repel the public.

Many ideas have been put forward on the future of the party, some good, some bad and many that are unworkable for a political party within the constraints of its legal obligations. However as some of these have come from outside the party they cannot be considered as amendments to the current constitution any more than we could draw up alternative constitutions for other parties

It is time to move forward. Those who wish to see the party prosper will stay with the party, whilst those who wish it harm will continue to attack it at every level and we bid them farewell. We will not indulge in flame wars and will use all influence to prevent such attacks on others.

The violent imagery of stringing up politicians and stabbing them until they bleed to death is puerile and narcissist.It has no place in a political party likewise it has no place in the Libertarian lexicon. Norway is currently counting the cost of such imagery by one alleged destructive and deranged individual.

We see the party slowly moving out of the Internet arena as its primary engagement mechanism, and happy that engaging with the public directly is proving more conducive.Our aim is to quicken the pace in this respect.

In 1944 Hayek said the words Liberty and Freedom were the most abused words in the English language and all we were left with is tolerance. Sixty years on that tolerance is under threat

Nic Coome

Party Chairman
Libertarian Party

Ignoring for now the snide references to a daily hate; what really knocked my socks off is how this was supposedly posted by Nic Coombe as Chairman (though was actually published by Ian PJ). Given that Nic had resigned from the party in May and together with Andrew Withers had tried to deregister the party I am at a loss to explain what is going on.

When I first read this earlier today there were four contributors the site listed, Ian, Andrew, Nic and someone called ‘Flatdog’. I’m guessing that these four are the  committee mentioned that is ‘overseeing Operational Standing orders… in place for financial matters’, and that somehow Andrew (who was refusing to sign any of the paperwork to allow new officers to take up positions  when the previous officers resigned) has drafted them in to fill as new officials.

It would seem then that there are now two groups trying to assume control of the party, one consisting of those whose conduct caused the crisis, whose names are down with the Electoral Commission as registered officials, and the other of those who have been trying to move forward but have been blocked by the first group.  If it were come down to arbitration I suspect sadly that the   Electoral Comission would have to declare Withers’ group the legitimate party officials.

Given the conduct of this group over the past few months I almost wish they had deregistered the party back in May, better it be dead and buried than in the hands of someone who’s continued involvement will only repel the public. I would urge all members to refuse to give any money to the party as long as this group is in charge and hopefully starve it through lack of funds.

The message to members from this post seems to be ‘forget the past and keep sending in your hard earned cash’. Well if I were to receive a renewal notice in November my response is going to be ‘Get stuffed, Andrew Withers’.


  1. Flat Dog is likely to be either Liam Hillman or John Watson. In any case only Ian Parker Joseph, to my recollection, failed to tender his resignation earlier in the year. Andrew has previously insisted that resignations are binding, but if they are not then this leaves an interesting opportunity open for our former South East Regional Co-ordinator to step back into the fray.

    Fancy giving it a go Andy?



    1. I am NOT on the list, I am NOT a member of the party and the LPUK Scotland I only have posting rights.

      All I have done in the past week to try avoid a split is to get people talking, and I believe discussions between different individuals are happening in the back ground. (To what scale is unknown)

      As an individual I will only get involved in the party if the party goes down the federal path, and membership fees is donated to the local branch level.

      Changing the treasurer does not deal with the under lining account problems with the party, thus putting joe blogs in as replacement treasurer would not meet my own requirements.



  2. The writing style of the statement is very clearly IPJ rather than Nic Coombe, but that isn’t important.

    As has been said, Coombe and Withers both resigned. John Watson also resigned his membership as well as resigning as Treasurer. They haven’t published the letter that they have from the Electoral Commission, but they cannot have told the whole truth to the EC throughout this affair. Of the four Libertarian Party members that they say are now overseeing financial matters it seems possible that only one has legitimately held continuous membership throughout this conflict.

    The ‘Pete’ who recently made a comment on the Anna Raccoon blog must be one of these four people.

    The NCC should get on with calling the SGM which is necessary to resolve the status of the LPUK with the EC. In the meantime, of course, this group of four people have no legitimacy and nobody should send them any money.



    1. ***” Of the four Libertarian Party members that they say are now overseeing financial matters it seems possible that only one has legitimately held continuous membership throughout this conflict.”***

      I don’t even know who these 4 individuals are, do you?

      Sorry, the treasurer has every right to determine who does the accounts, may that be the local accountants, the wife or in this case 4 individuals. As far as I can see no legal laws or constitution rules have been broken.

      If you as an individual is not happy with the treasurer decision, stand as treasurer at the next AGM (or vote in one), contact your local co-ordinator who can call an NCC meeting to vote out the treasurer or request a change in the constitution at the next AGM,

      Sorry whining is not one of those options.



  3. Simon- maybe but only for the short term to give the anti-withers faction another vote!

    Malcolm- agree,we really need to spread the word not to give this lot any money.

    Also I noticed tonight Andrew has resurfaced on the blogspot site, with a post stating the new party website is supposed to go live August 6th and some links (of which only one seems to work!) I also noticed comments are disabled…



    1. Andy, I’ll echo your sentiments on not giving money, and take enormous pride that our ‘daily hate’ has ruffled IPJ, Withers and co to the extent they are referring to it here…

      No comments tells you a lot – this is a religious cult, not a party. My money is on the truth coming out when IPJ and Withers fall out over who is ‘the chosen one’…

      We should open a book on who ‘Flatdog’ is Hillman and our old buddy Beaman would be my bets. I’m also offering 1000-1 on Mal being a secret agent of the Withers faction!!



      1. I think the tone has been about right here, and although I’m saying deliberately sober, your pieces at Outspoken Rabbit add an emotional dimension entirely appropriate to the scale of the accusations.

        I do wonder though, whether he really meant Devils Kitchen? Is he afraid the Devil will come to claim him?


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