Anti-War assembly

While out in south London I was handed leaflets about an Anti-War event that might interest some libertarians.

Stop The War are organising  a Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square taking place on Saturday 8th October. You’ll have the opportunity to hear writer Adhaf Soueif, left-wing journalist John Pilger, international leftist Tariq Ali, musician Brian Eno, associate editor of the Independent  Jemima Khan, old lefty Tony Benn, George Galloway, and the anti-human Green Caroline Lucas MP.

I strongly suggest making your own banner to express your qualified support, rather than relying on pre-printed banners.


  1. Beware people doing fractionally right things for the wrong reasons!
    And a very small fraction at that.
    Would be interesting to hear though. For the same sort of reasons one can sewage works fascinating.



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