Malpoet on housing

There is very strong competition and highly efficient supply of functional clothing and basic food. Contrast that with long housing waiting lists, poor maintenance standards and enormous tax burden in the provision of council housing. What is required is for all housing to be privately owned and available in the same market irrespective of whether you are wealthy or poor. Supply will then meet demand…



  1. Can’t agree totally Daz. You need to have an ability to increase supply too. Right now, government regulations on greenbelt stand in the way of housebuilding. Free the land and then people can build and supply can properly meet demand.



    1. Absolutely right James. Planning constraints are a major market distortion. The state needs to be removed entirely from housing. That means that there should be no state owned homes and an end to state interference in the landowners use of their property.

      Communities will have views about development and they should be able to express their opinions at a local level and have them taken into account by local authorities.

      Neighbouring householders and other land users also have an entitlement to the quiet enjoyment of their own property which should not be compromised by inappropriate development.



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