Strategy workshop results

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who came to yesterday’s strategy workshop. It was a pleasant and businesslike discussion with passion and creativity tempered by realism and empathy.

We set out to identify easy wins that matched our skills and capabilities and to address opportunities to Educate the public, Act to improve society and address the Legislature directly. We left with a plan to Educate the public on inflation, an intention for direct Action against snow and a campaign plan to improve our Legislature and legislation in 2012. All boxes ticked there.

I was also pleased to notice that Tim’s management consultant style SMART framework was not only respected but ultimately admired on it’s obvious merits. Libertarians are sometimes described as immature, irresponsible or simply nuts, but this was not on show yesterday. We each brought the best of our professional expertise and demonstrated the maturity to take abstract political issues and boil them down to policy and actions that were Specific and Measurable, the responsibility to adjust our plans and targets until they were Achievable and Realistic, but we did not go nuts and instead of over-committing and set ourselves a schedule that was Timebound and which respected our resources. This was a structured approach that we executed well and which we now know is repeatable. I look forward to repeating it in 2012.

Before going into detail on the ideas I will consult with the group individually and ensure each plan is properly resourced and IT put in place to support them, starting with a mailing list and sign up process over the next few days. In the meantime, we are looking for some help, including:

  • assistance from economics experts, be they students or professionals with a passion for campaigning on inflation and a willingness to appear on camera or
  • prepare statistical presentations in powerpoint form.
  • a loan of a video camera
  • people willing to write letters to editors and to MPs
  • user experience experts to help with website design

For now, if you are interested in helping out, please get in touch.


  1. Just seen the LH tweet on the snow campaign. This needs preparation in terms of both snow-preparedness and also PR-preparedness. Without the latter, it’s just a nice thing to do for your neighbours – which is not a bad thing, but sprinkle a little PR on top and it helps to forward our case.

    If I understand correctly, the idea is to clear the pavement along your road when it snows. This is designed to show that people-power is more effective, and cheaper, than council-power at getting stuff done.

    The problem is that we generally only get 24-hours notice of heavy snow at best. And once announced, the snow clearing equipment sells out at your local DIY stall faster than an organic mung bean wrap at an “occupy” protest.

    So we need to be prepared. DIY stores are selling cheap plastic snow-clearing shovels now. For those with storage facilities, they’re selling grit too. Go get some.

    Most importantly, make sure you have a digital camera – and take plenty of before, during and after photos. We’ll need some co-ordination to get photos to the right places: media (traditional and social) plus items for news websites and maybe even a twitter campaign. You can contact your local newspaper; they’ll be wanting stories about the snow.

    With a little effort, we could gain a little publicity – and that’s no bad thing.

    This is my view – what’s yours?



  2. […] Despite the website springing into existence just this year, the maturity of the London community allowed us to bring about a very successful piece of activism, 120 leaflets were distributed under the Libertarian Home name at the St Paul’s camp gaining press coverage in the City AM free paper with a certified distribution of over 100,000 copies, this is on a par with any piece of activism organised by LPUK members and is just the beginning. […]



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